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The Starchild Tarot Akashic Edition Review

Starchild Tarot Akashic Edition Review   Starchild Tarot Deck: Box, Cards, and Guide The Starchild Tarot is a contemporary deck from Danielle Noel (Writer and designer). Noel uses digital collage to blend modern figures, otherworldly landscapes, galaxy-aesthetic, and Egyptian imagery.   Starchild Tarot: Major Arcana   This is a great deck for intuitive [...]

The Starchild Tarot Akashic Edition Review2018-12-29T19:34:55-05:00

Mesquite Tarot Review

Mesquite Tarot Review Mesquite Tarot: cards, guidebook, box, and bag   The Mesquite Tarot is a limited run, contemporary tarot deck created by Aleisha Fitz (writer) and Brownwyn Walls (illustrator). It’s known for its minimalist style and soft color palette. Walls used a combination of hand-drawn line art and digital painting to illustrate [...]

Mesquite Tarot Review2018-12-29T19:31:58-05:00

The Fountain Tarot Review

The Fountain Tarot Review The Fountain Tarot Deck: Cards, guide and box The Fountain Tarot is a modern tarot deck created by Jonathan Saiz (painter), Jason Gruhl (author), and Andi Todaro (designer). It’s one of my favorite modern decks (maybe my favorite tarot deck after U.S. Games’s centennial Rider-Waite-Smith). It’s light and airy [...]

The Fountain Tarot Review2018-12-29T19:28:58-05:00

Dreaming Way Tarot Review

Dreaming Way Tarot Review Dreaming Way Tarot Deck: Cards and Box The Dreaming Way Tarot is a dreamy, contemporary tarot deck from author Rome Choi and illustrator Kwon Shina. Dreaming Way Tarot: Major Arcana Cards The illustrations have a romantic, fairy-tale style to them. The deck uses a Rider-Waite-Smith system and [...]

Dreaming Way Tarot Review2018-12-29T19:25:09-05:00

Mystic Mondays Review

Mystic Mondays Tarot Review Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck: Box, cards, and guide Mystic Mondays is a modern tarot deck created by artist and illustrator Grace Duong. It features colorful, vector-style illustrations. The Mystic Mondays feels fresh and summery with motifs of tropical fauna and flora. It’s colorful and minimalist with a hint of [...]

Mystic Mondays Review2018-12-29T19:18:47-05:00

Everyday Witch Tarot Review

Everyday Witch Tarot Review Everyday Witch Tarot Deck: Box, guide, and cards The Everyday Witch tarot was created by author Debra Blake with beautiful illustrations by Elisabeth Alba. This a fun, witchy deck in the tradition of Rider-Waite-Smith tarot. The characters wear witches hats, ride brooms, and make plenty of magic. The deck [...]

Everyday Witch Tarot Review2018-12-29T19:10:23-05:00

Delta Enduring Tarot Review

Delta Enduring Tarot Review Delta Enduring Tarot Deck: box, guide, and cards The Delta Enduring Tarot was created by illustrator Egan. The deck’s imagery and themes are inspired by the Mississippi River Delta with focus on South Louisianan culture and New Orleans. The deck’s style is reminiscent of modern comic book art. The [...]

Delta Enduring Tarot Review2018-12-29T19:00:28-05:00

Morgan-Greer Tarot Review

Morgan-Greer Tarot Review Morgan Greer Tarot: Major Arcana Cards The Morgan Greer Tarot is a classic, evergreen deck published by U.S. Game Systems. Despite some misconception, this deck is not created by tarot luminary Mary Greer. It was created in 1979 by illustrator Bill F. Greer and author Lloyd Morgan. Based on the [...]

Morgan-Greer Tarot Review2018-12-29T18:56:04-05:00

The Wooden Tarot Review

The Wooden Tarot Review The Wooden Tarot: box and deck The Wooden Tarot is a tarot deck inspired by nature and death with a touch of psychedelia mixed in. Created by illustrator Andrew Swartz, it’s named the Wooden Tarot because each of the original graphite, color pencil, and acrylic illustrations were created on [...]

The Wooden Tarot Review2018-12-29T18:48:55-05:00

Nomad Tarot Review

Nomad Tarot Review The Nomad Tarot: guidebook, box, and deck The Nomad Tarot is a limited run tarot deck created by Jennifer Dranttel. It’s a contemporary white and indigo-black deck (although it mostly appears black). I was lucky enough to snag the 5th-anniversary reprint on Kickstarter. Sara Galactica provided writing for the official [...]

Nomad Tarot Review2018-12-29T18:44:42-05:00