Delta Enduring Tarot Review

Delta Enduring Tarot Box Guide Deck Review

Delta Enduring Tarot Deck: box, guide, and cards

The Delta Enduring Tarot was created by illustrator Egan. The deck’s imagery and themes are inspired by the Mississippi River Delta with focus on South Louisianan culture and New Orleans.

The deck’s style is reminiscent of modern comic book art. The illustrations blend images of everyday life and contemporary political issues with touches of Southern Gothic aesthetic and Magical Realism.

Delta Enduring Tarot Art Major Arcana Cards Review

Delta Enduring Tarot: Major Arcana Cards

The Delta Enduring Tarot is incredibly inclusive of a variety of gender expressions, sexualities, and ethnicities. For some, a few of the cards will be polarizing- such as the Devil card. This deck is timely. It represents a slice of reality for many Americans who are otherwise not well represented in modern spiritual and New Age communities.

In the Minor Arcana, the suits have been changed to cast iron skillets (Pentacles), oysters (cups), Live Oak trees (wands), and moths (Swords). The court cards are also reimagined as Novices (Page), Warriors (Knights), Seers (Queens), and Sages (Kings). Refreshingly, the court cards contain a variety of races, ethnicities, and genders.

Delta Enduring Tarot Art Minor Arcana Card Review

Delta Enduring Tarot: Minor Arcana Cards

This deck creatively reimagines Rider-Waite-Smith meanings into contemporary archetypes. For tarot beginners, the meanings will diverge in ways that could be confusing if you’re following at RWS tradition. Some of the Major Arcana seem to reference personal symbolism, but it’s still easy to interpret.

I’m glad to see such a well-thought-out tarot deck in a Southern setting. Being born in Louisiana, and living mostly in Houston, I love a deck that captures life in an urban swamp —alligators and all. Egan includes four bonus cards: The Termite Swarm, The Mardi Gras, the Heat, Harm Reduction, and The Hurricane. Third Coast folks will understand.

Delta Enduring Tarot Art Court Cards Review

Delta Enduring Tarot: Court Cards

The Delta Enduring Tarot can be purchased from Egan’s website.

The Delta Enduring at a Glance

Reviewed Edition: 2017 Kickstarter edition

Creators: Egan

Number of cards: 83 (Traditional 78 + 5 bonus cards)

Cardstock: glossy: good quality 300-310 gsm

Card Size: Size 2.75” x 4.75” 70mm x 121 mm.

Guidebook: 154, b&w

Box: Custom tuck box

Tarot Traditions and Systems: Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS)

Major Arcana Names:

(0) The Fool, (1) The Magician, (2) The High Priestess, (3) The Empress, (4) The Emperor, (5) The Hierophant, (6) The Lovers, (7) The Chariot, (8) Strength, (9) The Hermit, (10) Wheel of Fortune, (11) Justice, (12) The Hanged Man, (13) Death, (14) Temperance, (15) The Devil, (16) The Tower, (17) The Star, (18) The Moon, (19) The Sun, (20) Judgment, (21) The World

Bonus cards: The Termite Swarm, The Mardi Gras, the Heat, Harm Reduction, and The Hurricane

Minor Arcana Type: illustrative, mostly RWS style

Minor Arcana Suites:

Cast Iron (Pentacles)

Oaks (Wands)

Oysters (Cups)

Moths (Swords)


Court Cards:

Novice (Page)

Warrior (Knight)

Seer (Queen)

Sage (King)


Card Backs:

Delta Enduring Tarot Card Back Review

Some of My Favorite Cards

Delta Enduring Tarot Review The Magician


Delta Enduring Tarot Review The Hermit


Delta Enduring Tarot Review Strength


Delta Enduring Tarot Review Seer of Oaks


Delta Enduring Tarot Review Eight of Skillets


Delta Enduring Tarot Review Ace of Oysters

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