Journey Through the Tarot Workbook

Personal Transformation with the Major Arcana

Journeying with Tarot Workbook TarotLuv

Refresh and restart your life’s journey with 50+ journaling prompts and affirmations using the transformative lessons within the tarot’s Major Arcana.

Unlock your best self and inner wisdom.


Special early release price: $11 USD

Want a guided roadmap to self-exploration —and learn some tarot at the same time?

Have you wanted to incorporate concrete results in your life from your tarot practice? The super abstract, esoteric stuff is great, but how about real change on your life’s trajectory?

Magic Eye for TarotLuv Workbook

The secret is asking the right questions of yourself.

With guided journaling prompts and affirmations using the tarot’s Major Arcana, you can find the keys to unlocking your best self and true purpose.

Tarot Cards for Workbook

Workbook Features:

A digital PDF workbook of inspiration for tarot lovers with:

✒️ 54 journaling prompts for self-reflection, self-care, and personal insight

🎴  1 mini-printable set of all 22 Major Arcana cards for meditations

📖 22 card descriptions, meanings, and keywords for the Major Arcana.

💜 22 supportive affirmations unique to each card

You can print out your workbook or digitally fill it in too!

Printable Mini Tarot Deck Images

Once you purchase the Major Arcana workbook you’ll be given free access to more updates and expansions (Minor Arcana and Court Cards). Price will be going up as soon as those are released, so buying now locks you in at just $11

Turquoise Moon Magic TarotLuv Workbook

When you buy:

You’ll receive the instant download link for the workbook PDF.


The Journey Through The Tarot Workbook is a digital download. There are no refunds on digital products. But, if you have any problems with the PDF, please email me and I will help you resolve it!

And as mentioned earlier, the price will go up as it’s expanded – so grab it in at this price forever.

Ready for a refresh and reset so that you can reconnect with your inner wisdom?

All prices are in USD.