Morgan-Greer Tarot Review

Morgan Greer Tarot Art Major Arcana Cards Review

Morgan Greer Tarot: Major Arcana Cards

The Morgan Greer Tarot is a classic, evergreen deck published by U.S. Game Systems. Despite some misconception, this deck is not created by tarot luminary Mary Greer. It was created in 1979 by illustrator Bill F. Greer and author Lloyd Morgan. Based on the Waite-Smith system of tarot, this is a great deck for tarot newbies.

Aesthetically, the Morgan-Greer is of its time. But, the retro style still holds up today. I will admit, I think there’s a little bit of kitsch appeal that makes this deck so charming. I find that particularly true in cards like the Lovers. Plus there’s a great Devil card that looks like it’s straight out of a 70’s horror film. Saturated colors and warm tones give the cards a lush feel. This is a deck I’m always drawn to around late Spring and Early Summer.

Morgan Greer Tarot Art Minor Arcana Cards Review

Morgan Greer Tarot: Minor Arcana Cards

In the Morgan-Greer tarot, there’s an emphasis on the characters of the cards versus the scenery. Compared to the RWS tarot, and many after, this deck closely frames its characters. This up-close-and-personal cropping of the scene might be why I feel the Morgan Greer tarot easily taps into the emotional truths of situations. This has been a great deck for love readings- and any other questions that rely heavily on people and interactions.

This is a great deck for beginners. And it’s worth noting that this deck is featured in a few beginner books such as Tarot Celebrations.

Morgan Greer Tarot Art Court Cards Review

Morgan Greer Tarot: Court Cards

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The Morgan-Greer Tarot at a Glance

Reviewed Edition: Mass-market edition 2011, originally published in 1979

Creators: Bill F. Greer (author) and Lloyd Morgan (illustrator)

Number of cards: 78

Cardstock: Standard playing card, glossy

Card Size: 2.75” x 4.75”

Guidebook: A “Little White Book” (LWB)

Box: custom tuck box

Tarot Traditions and Systems: Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS)

Major Arcana Names:

(0) The Fool, (1) The Magician, (2) The High Priestess, (3) The Empress, (4) The Emperor, (5) The Hierophant, (6) The Lovers, (7) The Chariot, (8) Strength, (9) The Hermit, (10) Wheel of Fortune, (11) Justice, (12) The Hanged Man, (13) Death, (14) Temperance, (15) The Devil, (16) The Tower, (17) The Star, (18) The Moon, (19) The Sun, (20) Judgment, (21) The World

Bonus cards: none

Minor Arcana Type: illustrative, RWS style

Minor Arcana Suites:





Court Cards:






Card backs:

Morgan Greer Tarot Review Card Backs

Some of My Favorite Cards

Morgan Greer Tarot Review Three of Cups


Morgan Greer Tarot Review The Moon


Morgan Greer Tarot Review The Lovers


Morgan Greer Tarot Review Strength


Morgan Greer Tarot Review Queen of Swords


Morgan Greer Tarot Review Queen of Cups


Morgan Greer Tarot Review Page of Cups


Morgan Greer Tarot Review Judgment


Morgan Greer Tarot Review Ace of Pentacles

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