Love and Relationship Solutions

You know you deserve happy, nurturing, and fulfilling relationships – but there seems to be a blockage on manifesting them?

Newly dating and want to know your current relationship’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential?

Trying to heal from past hurts and need guidance on how to move on?

Relationship readings include bonus insights based on the astrology profiles of yourself and your partner. On the checkout page, you’ll be able to provide you and your current/potential partner’s sun sign. Even better if know your Sun/Moon/Ascendant sign (those are optional, but provide even more powerful insights).

What you get:

  • One question to be examined in-depth, or two to three questions separately, with a custom tarot spread for your unique situation
  • High-quality images of your cards —this is important. Often the tarot card imagery will reveal powerful synchronicities for you.
  • A PDF of your reading: six tarot cards are drawn, around 2-3 pages (approx. 600 words) of guidance on your question that’s clear, actionable, and empowering.


What it’s not:

It’s not me making decisions for you. My readings are to present you with detailed information via the wisdom of tarot. It’s up to you whether to stay on your current path or make a change. Tarot presents us with a blueprint for where we want to go in life. But just like any blueprint, we have the power to modify it as we see fit.

 It’s not scary. Yes, I will point out red flags if I see them. But you have the power to change your trajectory. Some “bad” cards come up? I always pull clarifying cards to what you can do to avoid hurdles on your path.

 It’s not about being judgy. We are all at different stages in our individual journeys. Ask what you really want to ask.  There’s no judgment, chastising, and shaming in my readings. Your readings are always strictly confidential.

How it works:

When you check out, you’ll have an area to ask your question. In the form, you can provide a short summary of any important information or situational context that you feel is relevant for your reading.

Keep in mind: the answers revealed through tarot don’t favor yes-or-no questions. Instead, open-ended questions such as “What should I know about…”, “How should I…” will reveal a clearer, and more empowering, picture. If you’re having trouble choosing a question or a type of reading, I’m happy to help you find something that works for you. For more shop policies and current wait time on readings, visit the FAQ page. If you have trouble with the checkout process, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


What Clients are Saying

Reading this was a really amazing experience. I can’t thank you enough for this. In the last two years I’ve experienced a lot of difficult change and I’m only just now getting to a comfortable place of healing. I can’t thank you enough for this. You did a really spectacular reading for me.
Alex M.

I thought your reading was spot on about the entire situation. Your reading has been very correct and fits perfectly to how I feel.
Rachael T.

I think you are a very gifted reader. The reading done by you was very articulate and clear – also very organized.
Laura B.


Tarot can present us with a blueprint for where we want to go in life. But just like any blueprint, we have the power to modify it.


Let’s do this! 💜

You will receive concrete, actionable, empowering guidance. Depending on what comes up in your reading, I will share personalized affirmations, additional resources, and readings for your unique situation. I’m always available for follow-up questions and clarification on your reading.

Let’s work together to gain insight into your situation. Together we can illuminate your path to your best life!






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